2019-20 Funding Round

Current Portland Children's Levy grantees with grants set to expire in June 2019 received one-year grant renewals through June 2020.  From Spring 2019  through Summer 2020, the  Levy will be shaping and preparing for its upcoming competitive grantmaking round which will begin in Fall 2019.

Here are Frequently Asked Questions  about the process and timeline:

What sorts of services will PCL fund?

The Portland Children’s Levy is required by voter-approved local option measure to fund services for children in six program areas: early childhood, child abuse prevention/intervention, foster care, after school, mentoring and hunger relief.  As of March 2019, the Levy’s Allocation Committee has not decided on which specific types of services it will seek to fund in those six areas.  PCL contracted with Empress Rules to conduct a community engagement process during Winter/Spring 2019.  Empress Rules will present its results to the Allocation Committee on April 8, 2019.   PCL staff and Allocation Committee will use results from community engagement, local data on children’s needs and research literature on best and promising practices, to identify the types of services it will fund and any priorities for funding. 

When will PCL announce the types of services and priorities it will fund?

PCL staff is working to help the Allocation Committee make these decisions in public meetings scheduled between April and June 2019 on the following dates: April 8, May 13, June 2 and June 17.

Meeting agendas will be posted to the PCL website, and noticed via email to all contacts in PCL’s database, and posted on PCL social media channels.  Agendas are typically noticed within three business days of the meeting date.  The Levy anticipates finishing this work by end of June 2019.

Will PCL use the same grant application, review process, and decision-making process as it has used in the past?

PCL staff and Allocation Committee are working to improve the PCL grantmaking process.  PCL contracted with PSU’s Center for Improvement of Child & Family Services to conduct interviews and focus groups with past PCL applicants and other stakeholders to consider strengths and challenges in its past process and to recommend options for improvement.  The PSU team presented its report to the Allocation Committee in February 2019.  PCL staff are working with Committee members to consider the recommendations for changes to the process.  The Allocation Committee will consider and decide on changes to the grantmaking process in public meetings scheduled for April 8, May 13, June 2, and June 17. 

When will PCL publish its grant application/Request for Investment?

PCL plans to publish those documents in early Fall 2019.  PCL staff are working to have the Allocation Committee to decide the funding process and which types of services and priorities it will seek to fund.  PCL staff hope to complete that work by end of June 2019.  If this occurs, then PCL staff will draft the Request for Investment (RFI) documents over the summer 2019.   PCL staff intend to have the Allocation Committee review final drafts in early September 2019, so the RFIs can be published shortly after. 

When will grants be awarded and when will those grants begin?

PCL staff intends to have grant applications due sometime in late Fall 2019 and to have applications reviewed during Winter 2020.  PCL staff hope to have the Allocation Committee make decisions in Spring 2020 on which grants to fund.  Grants will begin July 1, 2020.