Grants 2023-24

Early Childhood

Grantee OrganizationPCL-Funded ServicesInvestment 2023–24
Albina Head StartTwo full-day Head Start preschool classrooms; NE Portland$782,874
Albina Early Head StartFour Early Head Start classrooms and home-based Early Head Start services (home visits and parent/child groups); N, NE and SE Portland$1,087,177
The Black Parent InitiativePrenatal, birth doula, and laction support for new moms and parent/child home visits and groups, focused on Black families; citywide$209,623
David Douglas School District Spanish-language immersion preschool classroom at Lincoln Elem focused on native Spanish speakers; E Portland$262,604
Hacienda CDC, Sembrando SemillitasHome-visiting, parent/child groups with Latinx families in Hacienda properties and Cully neighborhood$270,541
Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), Child and Parent SuccessHome-visiting, parent/child groups with immigrant & refugee families; citywide$619,691
Impact NW, Parent-Child Development ServicesHome-visiting, parent/child groups, and kindergarten transition support, NE and SE Portland$322,408
Latino Network, Juntos AprendemosWeekly parent/child preschool groups for Latinx, Spanish-speaking families in 10 schools; N, NE and E Portland$704,702
Metropolitan Family Services, Ready-Set-Go!Weekly parent/child preschool groups for families in Powell Butte Elem. area; E Portland$168,311
Morrison Child & Family Services, Listos Para AprenderHome-visiting, parent/child groups, parenting groups with Latinx families; E Portland$715,956
Morrison Child & Family ServicesEarly childhood mental health consultation with childcare sites, preschools, home visiting programs; parenting classes; citywide$842,400
Mt. Hood Community College, Early Head StartHome-based Early Head Start services (home visits and parent/child groups); E Portland$500,789
Native American Youth & Family CenterHome visiting, parent/child groups for Native American/Alaska Native families; citywide$257,142
Neighborhood HouseHome-based early Oregon Pre-kindergarten services (home visits and parent/child groups); SW Portland$271,806
Portland Public Schools Head StartFour extended-day Head Start preschool classrooms; E Portland$694,351
Total Early Childhood$7,706,128

Special Initiatives

Grantee OrganizationPCL-Funded ServicesInvestment 2023–24
Mt. Hood Community College, Community Childcare InitiativeChildcare financial assistance for low-income families; support networks for culturally specific in-home childcare; citywide$2,121,600
Total Special Initiatives$2,121,600

Hunger Relief

Grantee OrganizationPCL-Funded ServicesInvestment 2023–24
Familias en Accion, Latino Food Equity ProgramHealth and nutrition education; community health worker navigation/ referral services; produce delivery; home garden support; focus on Latinx families; East Portland$227,795
Growing GardensSchool garden and education program; community garden access and support for immigrant and refugee families; NE and SE Portland$161,073
Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), Hunger ReliefSchool based emergency food pantries, nutrition and cooking education; 8 sites NE and SE Portland$314,918
Meals on Wheels People, Meals 4 KidsHome meal delivery for children and caregivers with barriers to accessing other sources of emergency food; citywide$797,178
Metropolitan Family Services, Hunger ReliefSchool based emergency food pantries, nutrition and cooking education; 6 sites NE and SE Portland$198,860
Neighborhood House, Mobile Pantry ProgramMobile food pantry/food box delivery at affordable housing communities; SW Portland$106,162
Oregon Food Bank, School-Based Food Pantries20 school-based food pantries and 3 summer produce markets at parks; food equity education; N, NE and SE Portland$768,855
Our Just Future (formerly Human Solutions), Food PantryFood pantries at 2 affordable housing sites and homeless shelter; SE Portland$83,758
Our Village GardensCommunity gardening for vegetable production and produce discount/incentive program at Village Market; N Portland$178,974
Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center, Emergency Food SupportSchool food pantries at/near POIC campuses and monthly food boxes for families; N, NE and SE Portland$117,827
Sunshine Division, Community Transitional SchoolWeekend food backpacks for students attending Community Transitional School; citywide$70,000
Total Hunger Relief$3,025,400

Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention

Grantee OrganizationPCL-Funded ServicesInvestment 2023–24
Bridge Meadows, Intergenerational InterventionsTherapeutic and community building services for children 0-18 who were previously in foster care; N Portland$125,424
El Programa Hispano Católico, Parent Child Intervention ProgramParenting support and therapy, focus on Latinx families with children 0-12, who have experienced domestic violence; citywide$292,490
Immigrant & Refugee Community OrganizationIn-home parenting education & support; focus on immigrant & refugee families with children ages 0-18; citywide$438,803
Janus Youth Programs/Insights, SEEDSIn-home parenting education & support for young parents, ages 15-20, & their children, ages 0-5; focus on BIPOC* families; citywide$314,631
Legacy Emanuel Hospital and Health Center/CARES NorthwestTherapy for children, ages 0-18, who have experienced child abuse related trauma; citywide$259,020
LifeWorks NW, Children's Relief NurseryClassroom-based therapeutic care for children ages 0-5, home visits, parenting education & respite care; N Portland$669,424
LifeWorks NW, Family and Community AllianceIn-home parenting education & support for families, with children 0-18, at risk of abuse and neglect; citywide$269,350
Lutheran Community Services Northwest, Parenting in PortlandParent education services, focus on immigrant and refugee families, with children ages 0-18; citywide$306,320
Native American Youth & Family Center, Parenting in 2 WorldsParenting education & support, focus on Native American/Alaska Native families with children ages 10-17; citywide$273,057
Oregon Community Health Workers Associations, Community Education Worker ProgramParenting education & support, focus on Somali and Myanmar refugees with children ages 0-6; citywide$406,035
The Pathfinder Network, Center for Family SuccessParenting education & support for parents with criminal justice system involvement, who have children ages 0-18; citywide$394,479
Portland Opportunities Industrialization CenterParenting education & support, focus on Black students attending Rosemary Anderson High School/POIC; citywide$197,403
Self Enhancement, Inc., Parent Engagement ServicesIn-home & group parenting education & support, focus on Black families with children ages 0-18; citywide$175,470
Volunteers of America, Family Relief NurseryClassroom-based therapeutic care for children ages 0-5, home visits, parenting education & respite care; citywide$352,173
Total Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention$4,474,079

Foster Care

Grantee OrganizationPCL-Funded ServicesInvestment 2023–24
Boys & Girls Aid, Permanency ServicesTherapeutic activities to support youth in foster care, ages 5-21, prepare for permanency; citywide$257,142
Friends of the ChildrenLong-term, one-to-one mentoring for children in foster care grades K-12; focus on Black & Native American/Alaska Native youth; citywide$324,533
Immigrant & Refugee Community OrganizationSupport for immigrant & refugee children ages 0-24; recruit & train potential foster parents; citywide$285,879
Impact NW, Safe & TogetherIntensive home visiting services for children in foster care, ages 0-8; support for birth & foster parents; focus on reunification; citywide$349,375
Janus Youth Programs/Insights, ECHOIn-home parenting & life skills education for young parents where the child and/or parent is in foster care; focus on reunification; citywide$249,375
Native American Youth & Family CenterSupport & cultural enrichment services for youth in foster care, ages 0-24; focus on Native American/Alaska Native youth; citywide$406,898
New Avenues for Youth, Avenues to CollegeCollege preparatory workshops, leadership development, and college housing support & case management; citywide$385,197
Portland Opportunities Industrialization CenterWork opportunities training & support for youth ages 14-24; focus on Black & Latinx; citywide$151,506
Self Enhancement, Inc.Support for children in foster care ages 0-18 and their birth and foster parents; focus on Black youth; citywide$262,578
Youth, Rights, & Justice: Attorneys at Law, School WorksEducational advocacy for children in foster care, ages 3-21; citywide$269,885
Total Foster Care$2,942,368

After School

Grantee OrganizationPCL-Funded ServicesInvestment 2023–24
BRAVO Youth OrchestraAfter school/summer youth orchestra program for elementary and middle school youth; N and NE Portland$137,605
El Programa Hispano Catolico, Youth Community School ProgramIntensive academic support, cultural enrichment; middle/high school youth at 2 schools; focus on Latinx youth; SE Portland$127,539
Ethos Inc.After school/summer music education program at 10-15 schools for students in grades K-12; N and NE Portland$136,589
Girls Inc. of NW OregonAfter school/summer program for girls focused on youth development at nine schools; N, NE and SE Portland$96,234
Hacienda CDC, ExpresionesAfter school/summer program providing homework support, enrichment activities for children in grades K-8 at Hacienda properities; focus on Latinx and African immigrant youth; N and NE Portland$243,919
Impact NW, AKA ScienceAfter school/summer science program offered to youth in grades K-8 at SUN Community Schools; citywide$144,181
Impact NW, CORE ProgramAfter school/summer program focused on career readiness and experiences for high school students; N, NE and SE Portland$175,771
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), INSPIREAfter school/summer intensive academic support and family engagement for immigrant/refugee youth in grades 1-8 at 9 schools; NE and SE Portland$671,870
Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO), SUN Community SchoolsAfter school/ summer academic support and enrichment at two schools; NE and SE Portland$161,434
Latino Network, ConexionesAfter school/summer academic support, enrichment and college prep support for middle and high school youth at 4 schools; parent instruction and support; focus on Latinx youth; N, NE and SE Portland$562,111
Latino Network, Studio LatinoAfter school/summer arts enrichment program for youth in grades 3-5 at 4 schools; focus on Latinx youth; N, NE and SE Portland$79,646
Metropolitan Family Service, SUN Community SchoolsAfter-school/summer academic support and enrichment at two schools; SE Portland$188,838
Native American Youth & Family CenterAfter-school/summer and school break enrichment activities for Native American/Alaska Native children aged 5-18; citywide$257,204
Neighborhood House, ConnectAfter-school/summer academic support and enrichment program for children in grades 2-5 at affordable housing development; SW Portland$17,809****
Open School, Step UpAfter school/summer academic support, coaching and mentoring for high school students at three schools; focus on BIPOC* youth; N, NE and SE Portland$578,496
Our Just Future (formerly Human Solutions), LearnLinksAfter school/summer program academic support and enrichment activities for children in grades K-8 at low-income housing developments; NE and SE Portland$246,273
Portland Opportunities Industrialization CenterAfter school robotics program for middle school students and college preparatory program for high school students on 4 campuses; focus on BIPOC youth; N, NE and SE Portland$128,450
Portland State University, Oregon MESAAfter school STEM** enrichment program for middle and high school youth; N, NE and SE Portland$145,279
REAP, Inc.After school academic support, enrichment and leadership development for elementary and middle school youth; focus on BIPOC* youth, NE and SE Portland$222,149
Self Enhancement, Inc.After school/summer academic support and enrichment program for middle and high school students, focus on Black youth; N and NE Portland$513,874
Total After School$4,835,271


Grantee OrganizationPCL-Funded ServicesInvestment 2023–24
Campfire ColumbiaAfter school mentoring program for middle school youth at 3 schools; N and SE Portland$619,484
College PossibleAfter school mentoring program to help low-income high school students prepare, apply for, enter, and graduate college; SE and E Portland$130,421
Friends of the ChildrenLong-term, community-based, one-to-one mentoring program for children grades K -12; citywide$664,372
Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)Community-based one-to-one and group mentoring program for immigrant and refugee youth in high school; NE and SE Portland$468,380
Latino NetworkCommunity-based individual and group mentoring for Latinx youth with barriers to school success; citywide$308,340
Native American Youth & Family CenterCommunity-based mentoring supporting Native American/Alaska Native high school students' college and career pursuits; citywide$219,467
The Pathfinder NetworkCommunity-based individual and group mentoring for youth with parents involved in the criminal justice system; citywide$192,872
Portland Opportunities Industrialization CenterSchool-based mentoring program for students at Rosemary Anderson Alternative High School; focus on BIPOC* youth; N and E Portland$185,322
Total Mentoring$2,788,658

Small Grants Fund

Grantee OrganizationPCL-Funded ServicesInvestment 2023–24
A.Y.C.O. (African Youth and Community Organization)After school program for East African youth with disabilities. Tutoring, sports, and nature-based field trips led by Cultural Navigators. $50,685
Brown Girl RiseMentoring offered to non-white girls and non-binary femmes ages 7-17. Create a youth board to plan curriculum and conduct program evaluation and monitoring activities.$20,380
Camp ElsoSTEAMED*** education and nature-based camps for youth K-5 and 6-8, and a program for teens that provides leadership training, as well as the opportunity to become Camp Guides and teach the younger kids.$54,642
Elevate OregonMentorship of youth of color and other marginalized youth, including students with disabilities, in Parkrose. Emphasis on post-secondary education. In-school group mentoring through an elective emphasizing character building facilitated by Teacher Mentors. Additional group mentoring through summer programming. Middle school through high school.$60,233
Ethiopian & Eritrean Cultural Resource CenterMentoring for newly arrived refugee youth from Ethiopia & Eritrea. The youth in this program have been in the country 1-3 years. Individual mentoring (socially distanced when possible) and groups online. Families receive wraparound support.$31,725
Portland Tennis & EducationLong-term afterschool program with academic, fitness, social-emotional components. Year-round activities including afterschool and summer camp activities.$63,028
Urban GleanersFood is gleaned and distributed to families. Additional food is purchased from local farmers. Cultural and prepared foods are provided. Distribution sites located in low-income areas, including parks and school sites. Millions of pounds of food diverted from landfills.$32,931
Total Small Grants Fund$313,624

*BIPOC refers to Black, Indigenous and People of Color
**STEM refers to science, technology, engineering and math
***STEAMED refers to science, technology, engineering, art, math, environment and design
****Grant funding ended early in fiscal year 2023-24