Election Aftermath...

PCL grantees and other nonprofits have reached out to the communitiies they serve with messages of inclusivity,  equality,  justice and opportunity for all. Here is a sample:

Girls Inc.: Today we take our mission – inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold – more seriously than ever. In this moment, we are determined to continue to focus our efforts on shaping girls' perceptions of what’s possible and declare that girls and women can be leaders at the highest levels.

Hacienda CDC: Hacienda CDC wishes to strongly affirm its commitment to the diverse populations in our community that are at the heart and soul of everything we do. Now more than ever we stand with immigrants and their families, and commit ourselves to re-doubling our efforts to support a just society that embraces everyone who lives in our community and our country.

We know that many people have questions about what will happen next. Regardless of what lies ahead, we know that we will be working every day in service of our mission to support Latinos and other diverse community members. 

IRCO: As we move forward in the wake of the election results, our community shares many questions and concerns. In this time of uncertainty, IRCO’s vision remains the same. For 40 years, we have been building new beginnings for immigrant and refugee families. We will continue welcoming newcomers and helping them achieve safety, equality, justice and self-sufficiency. 

Latino Network: Many of us, our families, and people we know came to this country as immigrants seeking a better life. Leaving one's home to immigrate takes courage, strength, and a deep desire to seek something better for ourselves and our families. 

This same courage and strength will keep us all moving through the fear and prevent our communities from going back into the shadows...There is a brighter tomorrow...When we elect leaders who look like us and reflect our values. When we call for comprehensive immigration reform. When we fight racism, sexism, bigotry, and hate and replace it with love, resiliency, strength, and hope.

Portland Public Schools: Passes Resolution Affirming District’s Protection of Rights of Undocumented Students Resolution also outlines plan for training staff for ICE activity at schools.

“In the wake of the Presidential election and the heated rhetoric surrounding it, there has been a great deal of worry and concern about family stability and safety throughout our community,” said PPS Board Director Julie Esparza Brown..  “We are taking this action today to send a message to all PPS families that regardless of their background or status, this District will do everything it can to protect all kids and their families in our schools.”

Hispanic Metro Chamber: There is no doubt that the results of the Presidential election will impact Latinos at the local and national level. Our longstanding and steadfast commitment to improving the economic and educational advancement of Latinos remains strong and will continue for decades to come. We ask you to join us as we double down on our commitment to our work. We cannot do this without you.

Center for Law and Social Policy: We will work with all who are interested in advancing positive solutions at the national, state, or local levels, to move forward an affirmative vision of racial and economic justice, to combat blame and threats that target people of color, immigrants, and women, and to build a wider understanding of the practical policy and implementation steps that can support economic security for all Americans and provide opportunity to all our children.