Grant Reviewer Info/Materials


Thanks for volunteering to review grant applications for the Portland Children’s Levy!  All materials available here were also provided on paper at the reviewer trainings. 

Reviewer Instructions

Includes detailed instructions on scoring applications, timelines, stipends and contact information for Levy staff.

Bias Awareness Materials

Includes basics on implicit and explicit bias, and types of biases that may surface in a grant review process.

Stipend Instructions and Materials

Includes forms to complete to receive a stipend.


Mid-Point Check-In:  PCL staff will contact grant reviewers Jan. 2nd-10th to check progress and answer questions.

Final Meetings:  PCL staff will meet in person with grant reviewers Jan. 21st-31st to review completed score sheets and collect feedback.  Reviewers choosing gift card stipends will receive their card at the meeting.

Details on the timeline for the full PCL funding process are here.