Frequently Asked Questions

What types of grants does Portland Children’s Levy (PCL) make?

PCL makes grants to programs that serve children and their families in Portland. Programs must address at least one of the service strategies described in the program area Request for Investment (RFI). PCL does not accept funding requests for general operating support.

How do I apply for a PCL grant?

Organizations interested in applying should read the Request for Investment (RFI) in the PCL program area(s) relevant to their work. Applications for PCL funds must respond to the questions and follow instructions in the RFI.

How do I know if my program is eligible to apply for a PCL grant?

Read the RFI in the PCL program area related to your program’s work and focus.  The RFI describes all funding requirements for applicant organizations and the service strategies that PCL will fund in each program area.

How much money can I request in my application? How long are the grants?

Minimum annual grant is $65,000 and maximum annual grant is $675,000.  Grants are for three years, and typically eligible for 2-year renewal depending on performance and available funding. Read the RFI Instructions, Part 2 on Funding Requirements for additional details.

When are applications due?

Applications are due, via email, to PCL staff by 5pm on Nov 20th.  Make sure you submit all required documents with your application.  See RFI Instructions, Part 3 for more information.

Who decides which applicants receive funding?

The Allocation Committee of the Portland Children’s Levy will make funding decisions in Spring 2020. Their decisions then go to City Council for final approval. See RFI Instructions, Part 3 for an outline of all steps in the funding process.

If I have more questions, who do I contact?

Email your questions to PCL staff will respond within 3 business days. PCL will not accept questions after 5pm on Nov. 18th. For more information, see RFI Instructions, Part 4, item B.