Oregon Food Bank

Hunger can have a devastating effect on a child’s ability to learn and grow – and far too many Portland families experience food insecurity. That’s why the Portland Children’s Levy saw an urgent need to join with community partners working together to get food to those who need it.

Investments with Meals on Wheels, the Oregon Food Bank, IRCO, Janus Youth Programs and Metropolitan Family Service are helping essentials such as meat, poultry, fruit, vegetables, cereal and bread to scores of children and families each week.

Whether it’s expanding current school food pantries or opening new ones; delivering a week’s worth of pre-plated meals to families who have difficulty accessing emergency food resources because of mobility, transportation or other issues; or educating parents about nutrition and healthy eating, these programs are making a difference to some of the 17,000 Portland children who eat from food boxes each month.

As City Commissioner and PCL Allocation Chair Dan Saltzman said, “The Portland Children’s Levy is proud to be supporting these efforts, as too many children go to school hungry, come home hungry and go to bed hungry.”

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