Small Grants Fund

Small Grants Fund Manager Arika Bridgeman-Bunyoli, hired in November 2019, has spent the past few months designing a community-engaged grantmaking process. That includes convening a design team to help with the application criteria and ensure equity and access issues are addressed throughout the process, and holding community conversations to share information about the process with small orgs and ask for feedback. Staff plans to pursue a two-step process for the Small Grants Fund (Letter of Inquiry first, then full proposal.)  A tentative timeline for the process includes:

Tentative Timeline:
February - March 2020: Community Conversations
April - July 2020: AC approve design process/Letters of Inquiry submitted
Aug - Sept 2020: Narrow applicant pool/Invite orgs to second round
Oct - Dec 2020: Apps due & reviewed/AC approve final slate and City Council approval 
Jan 2021: Small grants start

Purpose of Small Grants Fund
To reach more children, youth and families from marginalized communities, with disabilities, and/or with intersectional identities. We want to partner with organizations that are arising out of these communities, and who have never received Levy funding before.

Types of Services to Fund
PCL must fund the following types of programs for children and families: early childhood, after-school and mentoring, child abuse prevention and intervention, supports for youth in foster care, and hunger relief.

Size of Fund
$1 – $1.5 million total over three years (estimated 2021-2024).

Grant Size and Length
Grants would be less than $60,000 annually. In addition, PCL funds cannot comprise more than 30% of annual organizational revenues, so very small organizations would need to consider their requests accordingly. Grants would be maximum of 3 years.

Target for Total Number of Grants
To be determined based on minimum grant size and length, but likely a range of 10- 20.

Type of Organization and Service Population Focus
Organizations that have some paid staff, receive some funding from other community sources, need support developing organizational capacity, and have developed out of communities they are serving.

Questions? Contact Small Grants Manager Arika Bridgeman-Bunyoli 
Arika is passionate about addressing the role of systemic racism and oppression in health and educational outcomes, cultural humility, popular education and community empowerment.